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Valentine’s Day Heart Activation—

Free Video Live-stream

For the LOVE of YOU!

with Jonette Crowley

For information and to register for the free live-stream click here, ( in German)

For information and to register for the free live-stream click here, ( in English)

The webinar registration link is:

Join us at 11 AM mountain time, 19:00 CET for this 90-minute free video Live-stream. So that we can simultaneously reach a larger global family, taking advantage of the transformational power of a group field, the Live-stream will be broadcast in both English and German.

This video event is free, however, we encourage donations of $20 or 20€ to our not-for-profit Creative Consciousness Education Academy.

All love is self-love. It is our definition of ‘self’ that needs to be expanded. Self-love explodes us into Universal Consciousness as we evolve from love from ‘I/me’ to the fuller, creational love from ‘I/we.’ You as a singular blossoms into you— united.

Have you ever said, “I need to love myself more”? But where to begin? How do we jump from simply loving to being love? Can we even do it on our own? The journey of awakening is first the journey of self-love.

“All you need is love.” Paul McCartney

Jonette Crowley, an internationally acclaimed channel and spiritual teacher sees self-love as the missing piece in our journey. Both the idea of ‘self’ and our experience of love must be extraordinarily expanded. We can do this together, by participating in a worldwide heart healing transmission on Thursday, February 14—Valentine’s Day. A day for love.

Jonette and her guides have the ability to create and transmit an energy of upliftment for all to experience. Our intention is to awaken the deep personal and planetary healing of love, dedicating ourselves to a greater presence of love in our life.

“Love is a great master. It teaches us to be what we never were.“ Moliere

“Wake up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” Khalil Gibran

Please see Jonette Crowley’s  You-Tube channel to watch previous activations:

– August 8, 2018 “The Lion’s Gate Activation”

– 11/11/11 (Nov. 11, 2018) “The Cosmic Portal of Peace Activation”

“Thank you for the Activation! What a powerful energy, so high and beautiful! Transformational! Outstanding Light and my whole body was vibrating. Jonette’s energy, laugh, love and light is such a blessing for so many people!”

Marry, Netherlands

 “Especially touching was the portal of Cosmic Peace. I went through it and there was infinity in front of me. My body began to dissolve and I felt connected to all beingness. Thank you, Jonette!”